Day 44 – The Scottish-American Soldiers Monument

Posted: January 13, 2014 in D3100, photography, Project 365, Scotland
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Day 44 - Scottish American Monument

Another of the benefits of doing this Project is that I have found many interesting places in my home city of Edinburgh which I would not otherwise have sought out and found if I were not looking for subjects.

This is the Scottish-American Soldiers Monument in the Old Calton Burial Ground in Edinburgh. Wikipedia has a great summary of its history here.  It notes that the statue was erected in 1893 and was the first ever statue of an American President outside the United States of America and the only monument to the American Civil War outside the USA.  The statue depicts Abraham Lincoln standing above a freed slave who is holding a book, which symbolises that he is now both free and educated.  The monument was erected for a small group of Scots who had all fought in the American Civil war.

The monument has a number of features and attributes which you can’t see from my image but after taking a few shots this one felt like the strongest composition.  The wikipedia article referred to has more detail on the monument and is definitely worth reading if you have a moment.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.


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