Day 64 – A Trip to see the Terracotta Warriors

Posted: February 2, 2014 in D3100, Edinburgh, photography, Project 365, Scotland
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Day 64 - The Terracotta Army (a)

Okay, so today I have posted two photographs.  I just couldn’t choose between them.  In celebration of Chinese New Year the University of Edinburgh has 90 life size lanterns inspired by the Terracotta Warriors from Xian. I went to see the lanterns today and they are wonderful.  It was raining hard and I took a lot of colour photos of the lanterns but when I got back to my computer the first image I chose for the blog was this black and white street shot.  Something about it strikes a chord with me and so I posted it.  However, I couldn’t not post a photo of one of the Terracotta Warrior Lanterns too as I also loved those images.

So here is my favourite photo of the Lanterns.  There are more wide angle shots of the full group on my Flickr account.

Day 64 - The Terracotta Army (b)

  1. Mara Eastern says:

    Finally someone bothered to explain what the Terracotta Warriors even mean. I’ve seen lots of photos of these but no one satisfied my constant curiosity as to what the point of the installation is.

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