After thinking about it a lot I have decided to take the blog in a slightly different direction. I am still going to post photos but not necessarily every day.

Over the course of Project 365 I have taken literally thousands of photos some of which I really like and some which I feel are not as good. Project 365 has begun to feel restrictive as on some days I have taken more than one photo which I like, and it has been difficult to select one shot. On other days, when the shots are not so great, I have to post a shot which I may not necessarily be really happy with, and often is not as good as some of the shots that I rejected on previous days.

Thinking back to 1 December 2013, the goal of starting my Project 365 blog was to challenge me to continually learn and improve my photography rather than to restrict it; so I have decided that going forward I will only post shots that I am happy with rather than posting a single photo every day. I still plan to post regularly and I hope you will keep following as it means a lot.

  1. Mara Eastern says:

    It’s a shame, you were supplying my daily fix of Scottish pictures, but I see your reasons. I admit that I’m cheating on my Project 365 in that I don’t even attempt to take a picture daily — I just post a picture daily.

      • Euan says:

        I understand how hard it is. I completed a 365 Project in 2014 but chose the theme of food – it was something I had to eat every day and regardless of where I was in the world I would be able to take a photograph. I decided to do it all via iPhone but I did notice my compositions improved as I tried new things.

        This year I’ve decided to post a photograph a week (or 52 in the year!) on my blog and I’ll then get them printed in a book. The photographs can be taken that we or from my back catalogue ad just re-worked.

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