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Day 155 - Newhaven

Today’s photo was taken at Newhaven in Edinburgh.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.


Day 118 - The Governor's House

Today’s shot is a black and white image of the Governor’s House on Calton Hill taken on my way to the Train Station this morning.  The sky was intense and the light was fantastic.  The building was built in 1815 – 1817 and is all that is left of the old Calton Gaol (the Jail) which was once the largest prison in Scotland.  You can learn more about it here.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 85 - Inverleith Park

Today’s photo is a long exposure shot taken in Inverleith Park.  I framed the shot so that the trees are in the foreground and you can see the castle in the distance.  The clouds were fairly fast moving and I like the effect created by the long exposure.  It also enabled me to capture the sensation of movement in the trees as they blew in the breeze.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.


I was in London today and I managed to capture this image as I was waiting for the train to the airport using my Samsung Galaxy s3 smartphone. I like the silhouette of the iconic London skyline against the dramatic sky.

All right reserved. Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 52 - Edinburgh Castle

Today’s photo is a shot of Edinburgh Castle at sunrise.  I took this with my Fuji XF1 on the way to work.  The sunlight on the clouds was a wonderful deep orange colour and for the first time in days we had a bright blue sky this morning.  It is worth reading the wikipedia article on the castle here, archaeologists have confirmed that there have been humans on the site of the castle since the 2 century AD and there has been a royal castle on the rock (which is an extinct volcano) since the 12th century.  I have always loved Edinburgh Castle, even before I lived in Edinburgh.  I walk past the castle pretty much every day on the way to work and it really defines Edinburgh.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 11 - Sunset from the Station

I was lucky to catch this sunset whilst waiting for my train at the station today.  I turned to look back as I was crossing the overpass to my platform and spotted it.  The hotel across the road was silhouetted in the background and I used my Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone to capture the shot.

All rights reserved. Image Copyright Euan Murray 2013.

Day 8 - Sunrise on the Beach

I woke up early this morning to shoot sunrise on the beach with my D3100 and tripod.  It was a fairly cold and windswept morning and the sunrise was not quite as spectacular as I had hoped but I was still pleased with the results.

All rights reserved. Image Copyright Euan Murray 2013

Day 1 - Edinburgh Skies

Day one; the first of 365 photos.  This is a photo of the skyline in Edinburgh taken with my Nikon D3100 at 1/100 at f5.6 ISO 200.

All Rights Reserved – Image Copyright Euan Murray 2013