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Day 209 - The Green Giant

The Green Giant.

The majority of my street photography is taken in black and white, as that is the way I tend to see photographically.  Even when taking a shot I am envisaging it in black and white; however, some images just feel right in colour and this is one of those images.  Today was a beautiful day and the composition of the person sitting beneath the giant tree reading caught my eye.  Hope you like it.

All rights reserved. Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 136 - A Hint of Spring

Today’s photo is a street shot taken in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.  After days of cold and damp weather, the sun finally shone – a hint of Spring!

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 115 - At the Heart of It

At the Heart of It.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014

Day 85 - Inverleith Park

Today’s photo is a long exposure shot taken in Inverleith Park.  I framed the shot so that the trees are in the foreground and you can see the castle in the distance.  The clouds were fairly fast moving and I like the effect created by the long exposure.  It also enabled me to capture the sensation of movement in the trees as they blew in the breeze.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 56 - Splintered

Day 56 is a macro shot of a felled tree in the Meadows.  I liked the way this branch had splintered  and curved as it fell creating a natural pattern of sweeping lines.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014.

Day 47 - Urban Jungle

Today’s photo was taken on the way to work in the early morning so it is a little darker than usual as the sun has not fully risen.  The idea behind this shot was to try and capture nature in an urban environment and after an early morning downpour created these puddles I took this shot which combines the urban environment of the road markings and the house in the top right of the frame with the reflection of the trees in the centre of the frame, which in turn lead to the choice of name for the image.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2014

Day 24 - The Christmas Star

Day 24, Christmas Eve.  Today’s photo is a Christmas Star decoration from my tree.  The zoom effect was taken entirely in camera.  I took this with my Nikon D3100 and using a slow shutter speed, zoomed the lens whilst taking the photo to create the zoom effect.  I love this photo and I think it is one of my favourites so far.  The centre of interest is the star but I love how the snowflake to the right is zooming out of the centre and the beads, lights and other decorations create a nice effect.

Thank you to all of you that are following my blog, I really appreciate it – I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

All rights reserved.  Image Copyright Euan Murray 2013.


This is a photo of one of the Christmas decorations in Edinburgh. I loved the way it looks like it is made out of ice – I took this one with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3).